Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lowell Photo Map 2009 ... and a digression into coffee

OK, so now I'm caught up on mapping all of these photos too.  I certainly didn't take too many pictures in 2009 compared to 2006-2008... but like I said in the interview in The Sun, Lowell is only so big.  And to be fair, I put up the second half of 2009 on this blog this week already.

In 2008 I put up some pages on Lawrence, Nashua, and Cohoes, NY which I didn't tag, but other than that, now I've geotagged every photo.  These maps prove that the guys at Mr. Mill City are correct - I have something against Pawtucketville.  I admit it.  And apparently the Highlands, and *gasp* Bel-vah-deyah!  Andover St is on my list for this year as it warms up, and I should really wander over to P-ville.  I dunno...when I think "historic places in Lowell" J.J. Boomers is pretty low on my list, sorry.

So...what to do next?  I get churches requests, but that's pretty hard to do.  I also get a lot of neighborhood streetscape requests, but aside from the locally-famous homes, I get a little iffy about photographing some random person's house...seems to personal?

Maybe I should do all 14 of Lowell's Dunkin' Donuts - the cornerstone of the city's economy.  I know it says there are only 13 but it's missing the one in the train station.  I have been to at least thirteen of them...can't remember if I've been to the one in Lowell General.  Like I said, I'm opposed to Pawtucketville or something.  Although - the one on University Ave might be the finest Dunks in the whole Lowell area.  There are 29 within five miles of Downtown Lowell, and 85 within 10.  Somebody needs to do a Starcraft mod that turns the Protoss into New Englanders, and those energy crystals you have to build near for power into Dunks.  I swear I couldn't live anywhere else just because I definitely can't be more than 15 mins from one at any time.

Anyhow, these are albums 25 and 26 at

Lowell 2009

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  1. And the phenomenon I can't get enough of, no matter how many times I see it, is the New England-specific way that cars will just wrap around the Dunkin Drive-Thru lines on a weekend morning -- no matter how many other DDs or other means of caffeination/sugarizaton are nearby. This happens at the newest Dunkin on Dutton Street, it happens on Chelmsford St...and just today I was at the one in Chelmsford on 110 right near 495 and sure enough, the line of cars was so long it was practically spilling out onto 110. You would think armageddon was coming if people didn't get the sugary/creamy mix of a large regular..

    A buddy of mine was traveling through the Providence airport recently...even though the nearby Starbucks was ALREADY open and had no line, there were about a dozen people just standing outside the DD line...waiting for it to open. He said he just about expected to see people start twitching and scratching their arms..