Saturday, February 6, 2010

New album: Low Water, November '09

I'm probably just still excited to have a new tool to send data through the internet's tubes, but after this album and another very small one, I'm up to date after many months!  Fun fact:  I'm a Chrome user, but Internet Explorer has an Active X control that allows you to upload far more than five pictures at once to Picasa Web.  Very nice.

Anyhow, there isn't much to say about these, but it's always bizarre to see the canals drained down.  They were down for over a week, and the best I was able to figure out is that the Guard Locks were closed.  No reason why...  This is going to be a fun album to Geotag.

A few of my favorites after the jump

The Swamp Locks sluice-way  Gatehouse, with the water level low enough to show how it operates.

Merrimack Canal and its newly-reinstalled guard locks...having nothing to do.

Loft 27 perches over a post-apocalyptic looking Lower Pawtucket Canal.

The Lower Locks.  There is no water flowing through the sluice-way or barge locks, and the Eastern Canal, to the left, is equally dry.

Cameraphone picture - the Guard Locks are closed.

Rest of the pictures:

Low Water - November 2009

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