Thursday, March 18, 2010

Appleton Mill, February-March '10

A month's worth of photos on the Appleton Mill progress.  Now that the courthouse has been delayed a few years (budget problems...), this is easily the most exciting thing happening in this neighborhood.

A few favorites, then the link to the full album:

Installing the window frames.  Around this time, some bricks fell from a collapse and injured a few workers and the people who came to help them.  Besides, who doesn't like Snoopy?

Didn't this used to be Revere Street? Either way, I'm glad the snow is gone.

Looks like some inside space is beginning now.

Interesting how we think of these mills being made mostly of brick, yet they are actually made mostly of windows. I'm still amazed this thing stands with only the bracing they've used.

Full album:

Appleton Mill, February-March '10

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