Thursday, March 18, 2010

Flood - 2010 Edition

I'm starting to wonder if I'm bad luck because ever since I moved here, we've had a lot more flooding than is typical.  This is two fairly high Merrimack levels in the span of a month.  However, this time, the Merrimack didn't get all that bad; the Concord did.  I went and took some photos at Pawtucket Falls the day the Merrimack crested (March 16th) at two feet or so above flood level.  I went down to South Lowell to see the Concord today (March 18th) when it crested to get pictures of the Six Arch Bridge.  This is supposedly a record flood for the Concord River, by a matter of fractions of inches.  Unfortunately, with most of Billerica Street in the Concord River, I couldn't find a good place to take the pictures from.  Instead, I climbed the bridge and took some shots from there, just missing a visit by the rush hour commuter train.  The house my Grandma-Ma lived in and then my Uncle had a yard under water - it is in sight of the bridge.  The family that lives there now was busy taking wet things out of their basement, so I didn't go talk to them or bother them for pictures.

Here are the ones I did take:

Flood, 2010

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