Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ken Coffin, Part 2

Typical post for me:  I start it by saying I've been delaying and now have a pretty good backlog of things to post!

Ken (see Corey Sciuto: Ken Coffin) sent me some more photos, these are all of the fire at what is now the Market Mills. If anybody can get me a date range for when this fire happened, there might be a trip to the microfilm archive at the library in my future to find out more about what happened.  It must've been the late 70s, because they were repaired in the early 80s, and I have a photo ( that was supposedly taken in 1979, and shows the burnt-out building.

Update:  I found a date:  Feb 7, 1979.

Ken Coffin

Example new photo:

Ken's email again is


  1. Hi Corey,

    Just stumbled across your blog. I think I know you from your comments from various lowell related blogs/sites, glad to see you have your own blog.

    These are priceless, thanks for posting these.


  2. Hi Craig,

    Thanks for the pointer on the location of that Boott Mills photo. The Sun article is no longer available for free, but I mentioned it here: