Monday, April 26, 2010

Presentation - May 15

I will be giving a presentation sponsored by the Lowell Historical Society on May 15th:
The Lowell Historical Society will have its spring meeting and public program on Saturday, May 15, 2010. The annual business meeting including election of officers and board members will begin at 2:00pm followed by the program at 2:30pm.  
The program “New Discoveries in Lowell” will be presented by Corey Scuito. The Lowell Sun recently called Corey Sciuto - “The unofficial Ambassador of Lowell.” Corey is a young, Lowell-based blogger and software engineer who has photographed and written about Lowell – the past and the present - over the last several years. Corey will discuss his interest and approaches to documenting Lowell’s historic places, influences on his work and how he uses the Web to showcase the city’s historical and cultural landscapes.
The meeting and presentation will take place in the Community Room on the lower level of the Pollard Memorial Library. There is parking available on the street and in the library patrons’ parking lot. Refreshments will be served.
For more information contact the LHS Clerk at or call the Society at 978-970-5180.
For more general information about the Lowell Historical Society look on the website at: 
As public speaking is not something I'd consider a strong point of mine, I'm looking for any topics people would be interested in me discussing.  I'll be running 30-45 minutes with the rest of the hour filled with a Q&A session.


  1. I saw a mention of this in the LHS newsletter that I just received. Looking forward to the presentation.

  2. As someone who enjoys your photo essays occasionally, a point I find interesting is your perception of the history of what you observe. Any one of those places probably has an interesting tale that is obscured by time. There may be a few where follow-on discussion could uncover some of those partially buried stories. And where there is work going on, a nice before and after photo comparison or sequence would be interesting.

  3. Looking forward to it Corey. You've obviously got a great grasp on the history of the city and this is the LHS. So you could present Ken Coffin's slides for instance, providing context and additional info, assuming they have a projector. On the other hand, your post on Smart Growth sparked the most discussion on the blog so you could go with something that bridges the history of Lowell with its emerging directions. For example, would love to hear the history of the Hamilton Manufacturing Company and what's going on with the new affordable housing "artist" lofts and how this might impact Lowell (what's with the qualification of the low income housing in the HCD as "artist" only housing? Is that really accurate?).

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone - keep them coming! As this is Doors Open Weekend and they are promoting this talk through the Doors Open flyers...I'm probably going to get a much larger and varied audience than I was expecting (eek!)