Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lowell Cemetery Tour

I joined Richard Howe and fifteen other brave souls this morning to tour the Lowell Cemetery - Dick was the guide.  I took some pictures there in 2006 but have learnt more about it since then.  Today's tour was informative: Saw the graves of Augustin Thompson, inventor of Moxie, and Charles Herbert Allen, first civilian governor of Puerto Rico and US Congressman.  Although I knew Tsongas was buried here, I had never seen his stone before.  The location is fantastic: on a bluff overlooking the Concord River Greenway above the sounds of the water rushing over the little dam at the tail of Centennial Island (what is the dam called?) - which it was my full intention to go visit afterwards.  However, an electrical storm cut the tour a little short, and not feeling like getting struck by lightening, I went home.  I took no pictures, because Marianne did such a great job on yesterday's tour already

I updated the Wikipedia articles above with a few wikilinks (internal links to other pages) that were missing, and added these two people to the list of people buried at Lowell Cemetery, which could use some serious work.  Dick told us there are seven US Congressmen buried here, and the Wikipedia article gets no further than three.  There has been some great (and often anonymous) updates to Wikipedia articles by Lowellians as of late, and I want to thank the community for doing this work.  Wikipedia, while not a great formal resource, is a great resource nevertheless, especially for my interests, and the work is much appreciated.


  1. I've done some digging and there are NINE US Representatives from Masschusetts buried in the Lowell Cemetery:

    Years Served Name District

    1823-1829 John Locke 4th 1823-25
    and 6th 1825-1829
    1853-1855 Tappan Wentworth 8th
    1855-1859 Chauncey Langdon Knapp 8th
    1878-1879 Benjamin Dean 3rd
    1885-1889 Charles Herbert Allen 8th
    1889-1891 Frederic Thomas Greenhalge 8th
    1913-1925 John Jacob Rogers 5th
    1925-1960 Edith Norse Rogers 5th
    1975-1979 Paul Efthemios Tsongas 5th

    My source information is and the congressional biography.

  2. Thanks! Updating the Wikipedia article with this information.