Saturday, May 15, 2010

Presentation this afternoon

Thanks to everyone who came out to see my presentation @ the Historical Society meeting today.  While there is nothing nearly as fancy as a video of it, I did put my notes up to share if you'd like them, or if you wanted any of the pictures I included: - The PowerPoint - Text, if you don't want to download a 5 MB powerpoint.

Well, thanks again everyone for sitting through that - I almost opened it up with a take on Mark Twain's quote "I didn't have time to write you a short presentation, so I wrote you a long one."  It was nice to meet so many new people today, and get to meet in person people that I have previously only known online.  I look forward to seeing all of you in the future, and hopefully at some point tomorrow I'll get up some of the pictures I took at Doors Open today.


  1. Nice speech Corey, sorry I missed you, but I had to get my tomatos in the ground! Downloaded your .ppt presentation.

  2. We enjoyed your presentation yesterday, and the stories that you told along with the pictures - thank you.

    With respect to the question of where you may go with this from here, the picture of the Northern Canal walkway, overgrown with weeds, may present an idea. Often we spend a lot of money to create a public asset, then abandon the critical tasks of operation and maintenance so that we lose the benefit. Bringing these to the public eye via pictures and blog writings could serve as a stimulus to identify the organization responsible and get them to act to preserve these treasures of the city, and then get the public to make best use of them.

  3. My observation is that the entire walkway along the canal was renovated in the last five or six years - this would include placement of a bridge to cross the canal - near the Hydro plant, new railings, and a new entrance at the O'Donnell Bridge. When I saw Corey's pic I was a little surprised to see weeds growing - but my guess is that aside for a little overgrowth the walkway is in good condition.

    I made it over to the Boot Hydro plant as part of Doors Open Lowell yesterday. Several people complained to the guide about the ability to access the Canal walkway. One lady said it quite well saying that our tax money paid for the canal - we should be able to use it. These are feelings I have shared for some time. I've attempted to visit the walkway a half dozen times with no success.

    The guide at Boot Hydro explained that the NPS was the one responsible for opening the gates, but that the flow needs to be under 3500 CFP (I hope I'm recalling this correctly). He also said that NPS and Boot Hydro keep in regular contact regarding these numbers.