Monday, September 6, 2010

Energy efficiencies of food

Second (and last) short post for today.  I often talk about urbanism and I've probably talked about that in the context of the environment, but I had a conversation this week that I'd like to re-iterate here: Beef is an extremely energy-inefficient food.  If you're looking to lower your energy consumption, switching to eating less meat, in particularly beef, is pretty simple.  Don't forget that agricultural subsidies, such as that on a key feed crop, corn, costs us billions of dollars a year on top of that and corn itself can be an environmentally problematic feed and crop.  For this reason, I've also questioned why we use corn-based ethanol in gasoline, when the fossil fuels required to produce the corn are so costly in the first place.


  1. But beef is delicious . . .

  2. It is and I had a filet minon last night and a burger today, but that's both rare events. All things in moderation.