Thursday, December 2, 2010

The End of an Era - Chicago's Notorious Cabrini Greene

In all the talk today about arsenic-friendly life being announced, a smaller - but interesting - story got buried:  Cabrini-Green, the infamous failed housing project in Chicago's Near North Side, had its final residents ordered out.

In a time before I was born, in fact, when my parents were quite young (and sometimes, my grandparents!), public housing projects were going to solve the issues of housing the poor in America.  Cabrini-Green, with its plethora of problems, were the poster-child of how high-density, single-income housing just didn't work.  It lead to disinventment and crime: warehousing of the poor as one article mentioned.  We've seen these same sorts of projects, on a much smaller scale, fail here in Lowell.  While it sounds like not everyone will be successfully relocated, this is still a large step forward in undoing the damage done to America's cities in the post-war era.


  1. Hi Corey,

    I found this video on a transportation blog I read and I thought it might interest you from an urban planning perspective - - it definitely had me both wincing and laughing this morning.


  2. Heh - I love xtraNormal videos. There was one someone did using that tool on QE2 that was hilarious.

    Yeah, this video is right, there is a lot of half-baked insanity out there.

  3. Interesting trivia tidbit: the North Common housing project in the Acre was the first public housing project in America.