Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Albany paper's blog on urbanism

I'm on a roll, so don't miss the other two posts I put up tonight below!

I mentioned back in October that a staff writer for the Albany Times-Union, Chris Churchill, was writing some interesting articles about the Capital District, which includes Troy and Schenectady as well as Albany.  His blog is very interesting if you're into urban stuff at all (and I'd hope you were if you bother reading me ;-) ).  Recent highlights include a new redevelopment project for downtown Troy that will feature grad student housing for RPI, and the demolition of Troy City Hall: an atrocious concrete building that was a mere 35 years old and made the JFK Civic Center look like a baroque palace:

As sort of an aside, I mentioned James Kunstler in my post on his book The Long Emergency.  Living in upstate New York, he does a webcast with a Troy resident, Duncan Crary, who was transcribed on Churchill's blog here.  I want people to pay attention to the level of discourse in the comments section on this blog:  New City Hall Doesn't Need Parking.  Why can't Lowell's "official" media do this!?

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  1. I like the reference to the Fuhrerbunker City Hall. Is there a nickname for the JFK Civic Center?