Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Recession and the State of the Blogosphere in the 978

Lynne over at Left In Lowell has a good post with good follow-up discussion going reporting on me reporting via Facebook reporting on Bistro Broad via Facebook reporting on her blog that Dharma Buns went under.  It wasn't too long ago that Ms. Pierce had interesting restaurant news in Lowell seemingly weekly.  It's really slowed along with the economy, often going to the 'burbs or to vacation spots for new places to eat.  But it's not just restaurant news downtown that's slowing, things look pretty precarious all around right now.  But how bad is it and what is to be done?  Carry on the discussion over there.

Meanwhile, Dich Howe has an article by Mike Luciano criticizing a particular Sun editorial that seems pretty typically far-right and off base.  Bob Forrant muses in the comment section on how The Sun's editorials continue to hate the government while failing to realize (except when Wallace sort of points it out in The Column with a positive spin "we win! our politicians are the best!") that Lowell depends extremely heavily on outside money to survive.  I asked about this inconsistency here a few weeks ago as an aside.  But where does this money come from and what's the end-game?

Over at The New Englander, a very thoughtful discussion about racism in the context of the shootings over New Years and the response it has generated is going on.  It specifically calls out Topix, the comment engine The Sun uses, and how poorly moderated and full of hate the people who still use it are.  When I'm feeling like I deserve a good mental beating, I post there too.  I know that there is maybe a 10% chance something serious and meaningful will come out of what I have to say.

Finally, Paul Marion posted a backlink to my pics of the development at Appleton Mills.  While I agree with him and Maxine Farkas from Western Avenue Studios that this is exciting that the reconstruction is coming along so well, I still am uncomfortable with the funding and the income-eligibility rules.  I'm not sure an overreaching government was acting for the common good here - maybe the long-silent Lowell Shallot was right - this Trinity development is a shady inside deal.  So far, a tenant for the old Freudenburg office building is yet to surface as well.

Well, the economy sucks and we're having a rash of violence (related?), but I guess I can say that the Lowell blogosphere is healthy at least.

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  1. Gourmet Gal was the first blog I ever read/posted on. It's too bad we get our restaurant gossip from the column now. Steppin Out isn't the same without Ms. Pierce.