Saturday, May 7, 2011

Reading and responding to a post on All About Cities, I searched through the author's links and found a Boston-based blog about urbanism, sustainable development, and technology (amongst other things): Dave Writes. Labelled as "about technology, life and an imperative to create something better," he has many interesting, informed posts about the issues that face us today - from our built environment through unemployment and raising a family. Check it out.

As for the post on All About Cities, the topic was that the urban/suburban dichotomy is no longer sufficient. I wondered aloud, what kind of place is Lowell? By her definitions, it's too small and close to Boston to be a satellite city, which is what I've always considered it. It's also too small to be a region into itself - which I think is impossible to disagree with - but, is it really Urban/Suburban? This label, by her definition and by reality, seems the most fair, but yet the word "suburban" being associated with a city as old and proud as Lowell seems completely wrong...thoughts?

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  1. I'm not sure how to label Lowell. We are unique, maybe an anomaly. I do think we have to do more to establish our own economy. With all the hugely successful native Lowellians out there you would think we could entice them to do business in Lowell. We need to ask ourselves questions like...Is it easy to do biz in Lowell? Do we have the right infrastructure? Are Lowell High School distinguished alumni approached about why doing biz in Lowell makes sense? Why is working in Lowell unique?
    I remember years ago(99 I think) Lowell pulled out all the stops to convince some committee that we are an All American City. We need to do something like that again but to business leaders.