Saturday, May 7, 2011

How fast news travels!

Many bloggers wrote about bin Laden and I didn't, so I've decided to join the club. I found out he died after writing a blog post and returning to iGoogle, where I have a news ticker. I went to post the news on Facebook, and saw I had already been beaten by at least two friends. A few minutes later, there were scores of people reporting the news. There were a huge number of people who got the news via Twitter, etc instead of cable news. Just think - it wasn't that long ago that people might not find out about major events until the morning paper showed up. The pace today is a matter of minutes. It's no surprise it's hard to satiate people's appetites for headlines with the printed word today.

Case in point, I thought this was amusing. On April 30, the Osama bin Laden article had been very slow to update.

Suddenly, at 21:37 on May 1, somebody had seen that bin Laden was dead. Within 10 minutes, there were over 10 edits. Over the next handful of minutes, the editing pace hit a fever pitch - the wiki-admins and diligent regular editors trying to keep up. By May 2nd, thousands of changes had been made. A screenshot of a mere 20 minutes of edits:

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