Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WPI's alternative commencement speech focuses on Peak Oil

I know, I know...I still have to get the Doors Open stuff up. The pictures are up on my Picasa, but they need to be captioned, tagged, etc. I just haven't had the energy.

When I graduated from RPI, our commencement speaker was then-Senator Hillary Clinton. That caused enough problems, especially being a college with what seems like an unusually large right-leaning student body, and an election year for her. We were warned that anyone who disrupted her speech would not be allowed to graduate. Only one kid dared. I don't know if he got in trouble or not, but abruptly standing up in an area full of Secret Service didn't seem too bright to me either way.

Anyway, a little closer to home, WPI's commencement speaker this year was ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson. A small group of students refused to listen to his speech (with university approval!) and instead brought along Richard Heinberg, who I am familiar with from his appearance in the documentary End of Suburbia. The contents of the speech are here:

"A chance to change the world", huh? ... RPI's slogan is "Why not change the world?" I wonder how much they're talking about this stuff out at the 'Tute these days...

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