Friday, August 5, 2011

George DeLuca used to have a blog at which has since been cancelled. However, it remains an excellent source for information otherwise. Recently, I caught up on his WCAP segments "The Lowell Connection", which are, fantastically, available on his site at I haven't listened to WCAP since my dad co-hosted The Computer Report back in the 1990s!

One great bit of information I learnt from these segments is that the train from New Hampshire to Lowell is planned to continue to Boston, express. It's possible that that ride might take what, 30 minutes?

Update 9/13: The blog is back!


  1. Glad you find helpful as a resource. I read your blog on occasion and find it inspirational and refreshingly objective.

  2. Thanks, George. I've been continually impressed with how in-touch you are with what is going on in Lowell.

  3. wanted to post my comment on the Cometolowell blog but wasn't able to select an appropriate profile so.... I see United Restuarant Equipment left the city for Billerica after 75 years of being downtown. I wonder if there was any effort to keep them in town?

  4. Wow, I had not heard that and that's sort of depressing. I was recently discussing the business-to-business industry that has a good chance of doing well in Lowell because of the limited need for parking and drive-by traffic.

    That particular location, which sticks out in my mind as being told it was a place that was there when my grandparents were kids here, was fairly hostile to pedestrians and particularly automobiles. Looking on their website, the new spot is larger and newer:

    >> Easy access from Rt 3 at Rt 129

    >> Plenty of free parking spaces

    >> Larger equipment and smallwares showroom

    Can't entirely blame them but yes, why not locate to say, Connector Park?