Sunday, August 26, 2012

Saint Joseph's Hospital Demolition

I was coming across the University Ave bridge this afternoon and noticed that the demolition work on the old Saint Joseph's Hospital building - to make way for University Crossing - was progressing rather quickly. Since we have pretty good light today and this is a weekend day when nothing is going on, I ran home for my  camera and came back to shoot a few photos before the whole thing is gone.

Pawtucket Street side.
Stair tower, Merrimack Street.
Salem Street entrance.
I have very few memories of the inside of this building, save my mom working there for a few years when i was a kid, and that was in the back of the building which still stands. However, I know a lot of people have happy and sad memories of this place. I was unaware when the University bought it that it was going to be demolished - I've heard there were structural issues. Either way, the wings coming down were built in the 1950s. The later additions to the back will remain standing.

Maternity ward?

Note the map of the hospital still on the wall.
I have written a bit about the hospital before, but honestly, I don't know all that much. This page covers the history up until the merger with Saint Jospeh's in 1992 forming Saint's Memorial Medical Center.

Rest of the photos:

St Joseph's Hospital Demolition - Aug '12


  1. Hi Corey,
    The picture with the kid wallpaper is the old Pediatric Ward where my Aunt Alice worked for over 30 years.The West Wing was my home until April 25, 2012 when we moved to a beautiful new building on the D'Youville grounds. I started my nursing career there on the 4th floor main building, and aside from a few months stint @ SMC, returned to the ole' St. Joes until just a few short months ago. It is sad!

  2. Good morning! I was born at St. John's hospital in 1969. My family left Lowell in 1981. I don't remember much about landmark buildings or street names, but I do remember St. Joseph's Hospital. It is sad that things have to change. Lowell in the 1970's was such a wonderful place and time. Thank you for posting these pictures.

  3. My son Bobby was born there in 1991
    Bitter sweet pics!


  4. Thank you for sharing...I was born in 1970 at St Joseph's. :(