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Professionally, I'm a software engineer here in the Greater Boston area. I'm currently working for a company where I develop RESTful web services, amongst other things. Primarily, I'm in the Java ecosystem. You won't see me writing directly about my profession too often, because there are a lot of great blogs already discussing software, and most of the people who I think read my blog are friends and family, and they'd simply have no idea what I was on about anyhow!

LinkedIn:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/coreysciuto

When I'm not writing code, I spend a lot of my free time doing community work here in Lowell. I'm a board member of the Lowell Historical Society, where I'm on the Technology and Merchandising committees. I'm on the advisory board for Mill City Grows where I have a role similar to my Lowell Historical Society role. I'm the secretary for the Lowell Downtown Neighborhood Association and a contributor to the new show Threads on LTC. Aside from that, I have a strong interest in urbanism and the American small city, of which Lowell is a textbook example. I feel such cities can provide us with enriching - and sustainable - environments in which to live, work, and play.

I'm fond of saying my love of software is a love of understanding and working on complex systems with a heavy leaning towards tinkering. It's also been said that cities are man's most complex machines. The concept of the city, what makes it work, and what doesn't, fascinates me in much the same way as a jigsaw puzzle or a good software problem does.

Now, why Lowell in particular? I grew up in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, just next door. My interest in Lowell began at a very young age - my parents, their parents, their parents...by and large are Lowellians. Something in the water keeps people here. So, aside from Lowell's important role in the Industrial Revolution, its well-preserved canals, downtown, and neighborhoods, and its rebirth over the last handful of decades as home to an urban National Park and a vibrant cultural community - while remaining the gritty-yet-colorful and tight-knit immigrant city that it always has been - it's something a bit more personal for me. Lowell is not a museum and it's not a solved problem - no community ever is. I feel I should do my part to give back at least a bit more than I've taken out - to be part of something positive...and there's an energy here.

Well, I hope you enjoy my writings - I certainly have a hard time with brevity. While I'm often blogging to share something I know with whoever wants to listen to me, I also do it to organize my own thoughts and challenge my own ideas on the way things are. Feel free to chime in on anything!

A few other ways to reach me:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/coreypsc
Email: corey.sciuto@comcast.net

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