Government and Organizations
City of Lowell official site
"There's a lot to like about Lowell" - An old slogan has a comeback. This looks like a good landing page.
Lowell National Park
Cultural Organization of Lowell (COOL).  This page has a lot of deep links to different artists, organizations, etc. Their link to the artists at Western Avenue is broken (which links to a lot of different people), so I'll provide it here.
Lowell Center City Committee - Has a lot of economics related articles.
Northern Middlesex Council of Governments. The Greater Lowell Planning Authority.
Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce.
Greater Lowell Community Foundation. Philanthropy.
Lowell Parks and Conservation Trust.

History resources
Center for Lowell History @ UMass Lowell. I spend a lot of time on the maps.
Lowell Historical Society
The Franco-Americans in Lowell, Massachusetts - Excellent resource for one of Lowell's most visible communities., Massachusetts
Lowell at Wikipedia
Library of Congress - Prints and Photographs online. Search for Lowell or click here for some cool ones.
Lowell National Historical Park photograhic collection at Digital Commonwealth. Mostly 1979 flyby photos of the city.

News, Blogs, and other general resources
I maintain a blogroll on my own blog.
The Lowell Sun - Lowell's Newspaper of Record.
A good Lowell portal - lot of links, events calendar, etc.
Mass Stats. If you ever wanted a graphical presentation of just about any socioeconomic topic, this is your site.
National Weather Service: Check the current level of the Merrimack and Concord Rivers.
USGS: More river data.

Other People's Sites on Lowell / People from Lowell
Resident of the Beaver Brook area - pictures of the 2006 and 2007 floods.
Lloyd Corricelli - Author
Lee Fortier - Photographer
Jessica Hosman - Photographer
Andrew Lucas - excellent series of photos of Lowell at night
UC Berkeley grad student Jennifer Phelps Quinn's photo album from her visit to Lowell
Lowell on Flickr - way better pics than I can take. Links to a lot of different people who photograph the city.
Marcfoto on Flickr - Actually from Southeastern Massachusetts, but his photography of and knowledge
about the New England textile centers is amazing.
Marianne Gries lives downtown. Lot of excellent photos - many of Lowell. She also maintains a blog at
Tony Sampas' photostream. He is often published on
Michael Hall lives in Dracut, and has photographs from around the Merrimack Valley.


I figure I owe these books some credit, since a lot of times they're where I got my information from! Some are out of print or available only at the National Park...

Lowell Then and Now - Restoring the Legacy of a Mill City by Charles Parrott
Great resource for old pictures of Lowell, as well as when many buildings were built and what for.
Images of America - Lowell by John Pendergast
John Pendergast also wrote the very interesting Bend in the River about pre-contact and colonial settlement in this area.
Images of America - Lowell Volume II by John Pendergast
Second volume.
Images of America - Lowell Firefighting by Jason T. Strunk
Historic photos of many of Lowell's largest fires.
Lowell - The River City by Lowell Historical Society
Lot of historic photos and postcards, focused on the rivers.
Lowell - The Mill City by Lowell Historical Society
Lot of historic photos and postcards, focused on the factories.
A History of Lowell by Charles Cowley
Written shortly after the Civil War.
History of Lowell and Its People Volume I by Frederick W. Coburn
Written in 1920, Volume I goes till the 1890s.
The Continuing Revolution: A History of Lowell, Massachusetts edited by Robert Weible
Short essays by professional and amateur historians on a wide range of topics.
From Building to Architecture, The Emergence of Victorian Lowell by Randolph Langenbach
A short paper from the Harvard Architecture Review.
Waterpower in Lowell: Engineering and Industry in Nineteenth-Century America by Patrick M. Malone
A great new book about the design and constuction of the Lowell canal system. Talks about the progression of technology in waterwheels and turbines, the people who designed the system, and the engineering task of designing, metering, and improving the system's output.